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  Archived Posts From: 2011


Spring at the Estuary

Written on: April 29th, 2011 in St. Jones Reserve

After a long winter and a cool beginning to spring, the signs of spring have definitely arrived!  The swallows and bluebirds are dashing here and there.  The wood ducks are visiting our storm water ponds.  The dogwoods are beautiful with their pink and white flowery splendor.  And, the salt marsh is teeming with life!  Fiddler crabs are scurrying across the marsh darting in and out of their homes in the mud; and the marsh wrens are singing their delightful song. Come visit us and enjoy the beauty of spring by hiking the St. Jones Reserve Trail.  Learn about the natural and cultural history of the area by reading our new trail brochure and using it as your guide as you explore the estuary by foot.  You can pick up our new trail guide at the nature center.  The trail is open 7 days a week from dawn until dusk.


Something Fishy at the Reserve

Written on: April 19th, 2011 in Education & OutreachSt. Jones Reserve

The St. Jones Reserve is now host to an Atlantic Sturgeon.  What is a sturgeon you ask?  It is a fish, an anadromous fish to be exact.  That means it moves from brackish and salt water areas such as our estuaries and oceans to freshwater areas such as rivers and streams.  The Atlantic Sturgeon  is currently on the State of Delaware’s Endangered Species list because of over harvesting and impacts to habitat.   In fact, the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife is conducting tagging and tracking studies regarding this species of sturgeon in the lower Delaware River system.  For more information on the Atlantic Sturgeon and the research being conducted visit the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife on the web.  It is an honor to be the host of such an amazing creature.  The Reserve has obtained the necessary permits to have the sturgeon for education. To get a glimpse of an Atlantic Sturgeon come visit us at the St. Jones Reserve.   

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