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What Does a Fox Really Say?

Written on: February 3rd, 2014 in NERRSt. Jones Reserve

The other day I was out walking around the Reserve capturing photos for our program.  As I walked toward the boardwalk I heard a loud “bark” and knew a fox was nearby.  I began thinking about that fox and the famous song “What does the fox say.”  I have to say I have never heard a fox say “ring a ding ding ding,” but that is just my experience.  I have heard a fox bark, howl, and sometimes scream.  There are two species of fox found in Delaware, the Red Fox and Gray Fox.  To learn more about foxes and the differences between the two species read this great article written by Joe Rogerson in 2011 for the Outdoor Delaware magazine.  And, the next time you are outside and hear a “barking” sound it may just be a fox.   Enjoy the sights and sounds of the great outdoors by visiting the St. Jones Reserve!


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