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DNERR Brings You the Weather

Written on: December 7th, 2015 in Blackbird Creek ReserveGuest BlogNERRResearchSt. Jones Reserve

To add variety to the blog and to offer a fresh perspective from our visitors, we are inviting guest bloggers to write posts describing their visits and thoughts while at the Reserve.  The guest blog is brought to you by M.L. Christmas about her recent experience on the boardwalk at the St. Jones Reserve.  Enjoy! (Maggie Pletta, DNERR Education Coordinator & Blog Editor)

DNERR Brings You the Weather

The St. Jones Reserve Weather Station

The St. Jones Reserve Weather Station

The St. Jones Reserve Trail Guide is more than just a trail guide. The title makes one think “route map.” There is an aerial view or two in the booklet, but that’s that for that. No, the St. Jones Reserve Trail Guide is more about briefly describing what is going on alongside the trail–not to mention underneath and up above.

The Trail Guide highlights some of the flora and fauna customarily found at the Reserve. Those things can be pretty much depended upon and reasonably expected. What cannot always be so easy to know and to predict is the weather, and that’s where DNERR’s connection with the Delaware Environmental Observing System comes in.

The weather conditions at the St. Jones and Blackbird Creek Reserves can even be viewed from the comfort of one’s own home. Drilling down from the link provided in the booklet, one sees, at www.deos.udel.edu, the updates from the reporting stations (Network: “DEOS.” Station: Either “Kitts Hummock — DE-NERR” or “Blackbird — DE-NERR”).

Credit M.L. Christmas_BlogPost9 (1)The Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve always has something going on, just for you–including the weather!

Text & photos by M. L. Christmas

M.L. Christmas, MSM, is a freelance writer/editor living in the Dover area. She has written dozens of articles for newsletters, newspapers, magazines, and websites. Her work has appeared in local, regional, national and international publications and other venues, and she has written in tones ranging from scholarly to humorous, depending on the audience. She is a longtime member of Delaware Press Association and the National Federation of Press Women. Her approach to nature writing, she says, is part Henry David Thoreau and part Dave Barry.


Note from the Editor:  The weather data collected at our stations is part of the National Estuarine Research Reserve System Wide Monitoring Program (SWMP), which also includes the collection of water quality data.  All the SWMP data can be viewed by visiting the NERR Centralized Data Management Office’s page, and if you want to get more in depth with the data try out our SWMP Graphing Tool for teachers. 

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