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DNERR Summer Interns!

Written on: June 19th, 2018 in Coastal Training ProgramEducation & OutreachResearchSt. Jones Reserve


The DNERR staff would like to welcome the helpful hands of our summer interns!  This group is eager to get to work and learn the tricks of their trade.  We are all looking forward to a fun, educational, and fantastic summer!

Jared Ryan – Education Intern

I am currently a sophomore at the University of Delaware and plan on graduating in the fall of 2019! I am pursuing a double major in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, as well as Agriculture and Natural Resources. I am the Education Intern under Maggie Pletta, Education Coordinator.  I have always enjoyed wandering through nature and learning about the unique intricacies that allows for an ecosystem to thrive. Generally, I fill my time with exploration of surrounding parks and photography of the flora and fauna within. I one day hope to educate the public of the importance of conservation and how connecting with the earth can change a life for the better.



Mike Snyder – Policy and Communications Intern

Hello, all.  I received a BA in Political Science from Millersville University in 2008, and a JD from Villanova University in 2012 with a focus in Environmental and Energy law.  I am a Policy and Communications Intern under Kelly Valencik, Coastal Training Program Coordinator.  I am an avid golfer and Pittsburgh sports fan.  I also love to hike, climb, birdwatch, and take long walks on the beach.  For that matter, I enjoy walks on the beach of any length.  I hope to save the world, one wetland at a time.  And in the meantime, I look forward to getting know all of you.





Annette Carlson – Research Intern, Hollings Scholar

My name is Annette Carlson; I am a senior at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. I plan to graduate in the spring of 2019 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Oceanography and a minor in Geology. In my free time I like to hike or go to the beach and play Frisbee with my dog, Venus. I enjoy traveling and experiencing how other people live, I think it helps me grow as a person. At the Reserve, I am a research intern through the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration Hollings Scholar program, under Kari St. Laurent, Research Coordinator. While I’m here, I’ll be looking at carbon stock and how it changes with sediment depth. I’m still evaluating my options on whether I want to attend graduate school or enter the work force after I graduate from Humboldt State. No matter where I end up, I hope to be working toward a better future for humanity and our planet through scientific study and conservation.


Ewan Malenfant – Research Intern 

My name is Ewan Malenfant, I attend Allegheny College with a major in Environmental Science and a double minor in Physics and Astronomy.  I plan to graduate in 2020. This summer I am the Research Intern under Christina Whiteman, Stewardship Coordinator, and Drexel Siok, Environmental Scientist.  My hobbies and interests include tennis, playing the drums, backpacking, and just about any outdoor recreational activity imaginable.  My life goal is to live in the mountains doing environmental science research and field work.  I am most passionate about human environmental impacts, getting off the beaten track, and the complexities of the universe. I’m very curious and always trying to broaden my knowledge.  


Sydney Hall – Research Intern

My name is Sydney Hall, I am a senior at Wesley College studying Environmental Science.  I am a DNERR research intern under Mike Mensinger, Environmental Scientist.  I am looking forward to this experience to gain knowledge about various projects and hands-on experience in the field and the lab.  This opportunity will give me a strong perspective on what a future career in environmental science could be like.  During my free time, I enjoy spending time traveling with my family.