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Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve

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Study Examines Crab Impact on Salt Marsh Health

Written on: September 20th, 2019 in NERRResearchSt. Jones Reserve

A study within the National Estuarine Research Reserve System to determine the destructiveness of crabs to salt marshes found that, while crabs can be a problem in some areas, a far greater threat facing marshes is sea level rise. Crabs play an important role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem in salt marshes, but too many […]

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Fractals and Flow

Written on: November 19th, 2018 in Education & OutreachGuest BlogSt. Jones Reserve

Outdoors, patterns abound. One need not be a mathematician in order to view and appreciate them. The widening whorls of seeds in a sunflower head are often used to illustrate the Fibonacci sequence of numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8….) in which each figure is the sum of the two preceding digits. Other […]

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Delaware’s Rainfall: Seriously Spikey! Just ask Dr. Kari St. Laurent

Written on: October 23rd, 2018 in ResearchSt. Jones Reserve

A bright, bristly weather-chart spied on the research-laboratory wall at the St. Jones Reserve, on National Estuaries Day 2016, cried out for revisiting. Because a pirate’s best friend just may be the weather, or possibly a good chart, an irresistible combination of the two caused this would-be pirate to return recently to the Reserve for […]

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DNERR’s Tree Swallows and Bluebirds Need YOU

Written on: July 11th, 2018 in Blackbird Creek ReserveEducation & OutreachSt. Jones ReserveVolunteers

DNERR’s Tree Swallows and Bluebirds Need YOU Spring is here, and the St. Jones and Blackbird Creek Reserves have sprouted a number of mysterious, wooden boxes affixed to PVC poles. Where did these boxes come from? And why? With such questions in mind, this writer approached Christina Whiteman, DNERR’s Environmental Scientist and Stewardship Coordinator, and […]

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DNERR Summer Interns!

Written on: June 19th, 2018 in Coastal Training ProgramEducation & OutreachResearchSt. Jones Reserve

  The DNERR staff would like to welcome the helpful hands of our summer interns!  This group is eager to get to work and learn the tricks of their trade.  We are all looking forward to a fun, educational, and fantastic summer! Jared Ryan – Education Intern I am currently a sophomore at the University […]

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